Benefits of Registering

At Pulse Nursing we employ the Best Nurses. We want you to enjoy yourself with hassle free employment.

At Pulse Nursing we will

  • Offer you great pay rates and,
  • Pay you weekly
  • Orientate you to a place where you are not familiar
  • Provide onsite training in areas you are not familiar with
  • Act as a consultant if you are offered work with one of our clients

 At Pulse Nursing we will take care of your

  • Police Check
  • Tax
  • Superannuation – Your choice of Fund

At Pulse Nursing there is no pressure for you to

  • Do a specific amount of shifts
  • Do shifts in areas outside your expertise
  • Do a shift when you do not want to

At Pulse Nursing we'll take care of your CPR, Manual Handling and other training needs